Riva: my top picks


The Riva line has now been going for six months, with four books published each month. I have not read them all but I have read quite a few. If you’re wondering about whether to try this line, here’s my pick of the best (not in any particular order):

1. If The Red Slipper Fits, Shirley Jump
This was a new-to-me author and the book would previously have been in the Romance line (i.e. no sex). It’s a cute Cinderella story set in New York.

2. Walk On The Wild Side, Natalie Anderson
Snowboard champion meets geek girl. Lots of sex, lots of tension, lots of fun.

3. With This Fling, Kelly Hunter
Crazy, crazy Indiana Jones plot but I loved it. Despite it being a pregnancy story. This would have been a Modern Heat (i.e. sex).

4. Juggling Briefcase and Baby, Jessica Hart
The title says it all: it’s a cute kid story and a workplace romance. And yet it works. The hero refuses to become all gooey around the kid (which is not his) and the heroine has not lost all her faculties. No sex in this one.

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    Seems you have updated quite a bit your blog. I was pleasantly surprised.

    I liked the way you phrased all your BadBC reviews. My least favourite one was not the one with the casino plotline but rather the one with Alex but even so, I loved that one anyways.

    I will check this line now that I’ve read your recommendation. Among the four you recommended, I’ve read the first three (or at least I think I did since the plot and titles sounds very familiar), although all separately at different times so I never really made the connection that they were all from Riva even though I enjoyed all of them. I read so many books, and among those, many chick-lits that unless they are Moderns, one of those other long standing lines, or part of a series, I don’t associate them with a line when I read them…
    So thank you for making me aware of Riva as a line. Who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised to discover I’ve read more Riva books I’ve enjoyed without knowing.

    Until the next time I come here… Hope you will enjoy reading and writing.

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      Just read your explanation about the Riva line in the other post…
      No wonder I thought I’ve read many of the books you listed without knowing it was Riva… It seems I’ve read them as Presents Extra or some other thing…
      I buy books from a mixture of MB and Hqu, depending on the cover I like best so it’s always confusing me…

      • 3 v

        Nevermind, just realised I’ve read all four of them…


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