By the way, I wrote a book


You can buy it for Kindle here (for 86 of your finest English pennies) or in other digital formats here (normally 99c but free until 31st July).

If you do read it, I’d love to know what you think!

14 Responses to “By the way, I wrote a book”

  1. I have bought it and look forward to reading it!

    • 2 Ros

      Thank you! I hope you like it. I am becoming increasingly sure that this is the worst book ever written in the history of the world and that all my friends who bought it will hate me for ever. But it is totally fine if you don’t like it!

  2. 3 n

    I have bought it too.
    It will be my bedtime reading tonight.

    • 4 Ros

      Thank you. I’m not sure whether to hope it sends you to sleep or not!

  3. 5 Freya

    Yay, I just Kindled it! Congratulations for getting it out there – I loved the chapter you submitted to New Voices and hoped I’d find out what happened to the characters. I think I’m going to ignore my worthy non-fiction library book and start it right now ;-)

  4. 6 Nancy Hesse

    I have on my kindle
    Can’t wait to read it next week 8/6 at the beach- I think of our cold walks in the warm sun as I read it

    • 7 Ros

      Nancy!!!! I hope you like it. It’s totally okay if you don’t. I’ll think of you at the beach and be wishing I was there!

  5. 8 Freya

    I really enjoyed it! I’d like to send some additional comments but I don’t want to put plot spoilers on this page. Does the “contact” button on your website go straight to you, or will that just add spoilers to your website page?!

    • 9 Ros

      Hooray! And thank you!

      I don’t think the contact button goes anywhere yet – I should sort that out! You can email me: ros at theoldshed dot me

      Also, if you’d like to, it would be awesome if you left a review on the book at Amazon.

  6. 10 Freya

    I’ve just emailed, so I hope it reaches you.

  7. I have purchased it and am keeping it for my upcoming vacation. Can’t wait to kick back, relax and read your story!


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