Hey, I wrote a review!


For Lynne Graham’s ‘Crime of Passion’, which has recently been released as part of the Harlequin Treasury collection. You can read it here at Dear Author.

I wrote another book, too. Well, I edited one that I wrote a while ago and published it. Details are here.

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    Goodness gracious… I was merely gone for a couple of months and I come back discovering that you got two of your books published??! At least that’s what I understood with my mind half-floored with admiration when I was scanning through to catch up.
    You have my deepest congratulations!!!!
    And of course they instantly got ascribed in my virtual must-read list. Which I owe is very long but I’m determined to put it them among the forefront ones. Not just because I like your blog very much and I’m dying of curiosity to see what you have in store but also because I’m sure it will be a delightful read (no pressure. :) ). In any case, which do you recommend reading first?
    I see you have been quite busy during this summer. As for my own summer reading, I slightly got away a bit from romance books (asides from Georgette Heyer’s, whose Devil’s Cub I have reread so many times I’m considering ordering another copy) to read the other genres I felt I might have slightly neglected. As you know, english isn’t my first language so I was taking a break from that as well.
    I have to say I’m was a bit surprised you like Lynne Graham despite her sometimes questionable and exasperating tropes, including alpha males who border abusive, since most of the reviews I’ve read of you about her were not often positive. I admit I read probably more of Lynne Graham and Michelle Reid’s books than from most other HP authors, especially during the early days. Her books are most often far from perfect, very old school, but also most often very memorable. I do not know why but in terms of proportions, I remember many more of her earlier books than of others in the HP line. Crime of Passion was one of those books because the two protagonists hatred passion of each other somehow marked my mind. I also sort of remember laughing at her misunderstanding of his going bankrupt. The girl was unbelievably immature but in the end, she didn’t irritate me as much as many others for some reason. In the end, a successful HP is much more about emotional connection with the characters than about reason or any particular trope.
    As you see, I still haven’t been able to curb my habit of rambling when commenting. I am still working on it.

    • 2 v

      Oh dear. I’ve just read your featured first page for the Tycoon’s recovered wife… or something like that. I confess I already forgot the title but I most definitely did NOT forget the first page.
      I don’t know about the whole book but you did not disappoint in the little I have read. Waiting for you to say which book you recommend reading first. But I don’t think I can wait for long. I’m too excited. I don’t know if having talked to you enhanced that excitement or not but I’m putting my bet on your writing being enjoyable rather. It feels good to come back to romance world.

      • 3 v

        Also. Is Guy as charming in the book as he appears in the first page? I might need a little warning. You know, in case I read it in public places and swoon right there.

      • 4 Ros

        I self-published them. I hope you enjoy the books! Guy is pretty charming, yes. So is Luke in the other book…

        • 5 v

          What you did was quite admirable. I wish I could self-publish anything at all. I can’t even handle writing a page in any language properly let alone a whole novel. In any case, I just purchased your two books on Smashwords. Very interesting site. I initially intended to purchase on Amazon but I wanted to try that site since I didn’t know about it before. Perhaps I will make a little comment there once I’m done with them.
          I’m aiming to read them before the week’s over. Hopefully, I will have time. I cannot wait! Meanwhile, I still haven’t decided which one to read first. I can’t even judge by the cover. They’re both lovely. Did someone design them for you or you designed them yourself?

    • 7 Ros

      The rambles are fine. Lynne Graham is totally a guilty pleasure for me. There are so many things about her books that I wouldn’t put up with in any other author. But Lynne Graham supersedes it all!

  2. 9 v

    Finished and commented on the two books. I like them very much.
    You exceeded my expectations. Good luck with your future projects.


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